Thursday, December 20, 2012

Status galau bahasa inggris

Buat kamu yang males buka kamus dan ingin bikin Status galau bahasa inggris kamu mendarat di blog yang tepat karna Status galau bahasa inggris diperuntukkan untuk kamu.

Status galau bahasa inggri
You and I are created to be one. You and I, I do always Love you.

I do not know what happened between me and you, which I definitely know my love hate tuk.

Let me take care of you love to have you love give love give everything you want.

If you know I'm always in love.

Actually I really need you. If you understand, if.

I kept waiting and waiting until you want.

Now I hope time brings you and your lover to feel saturated with split time and then you come to me my time was still only utkamuu # lagugalau

I'm afraid you leave you lose your pain, I want you here beside me forever.

I changed the time interval you do not know where but I'm trying to be faithful ..

I never thought I hurt this deep

I was worried but he is much longing heart. I'm glad he's close but uncomfortable.

I like you but you've taken. I love deh stuck in the well. _.

And I'm still waiting for what the end of all my stories waiting ~

Status galau bahasa inggri
I just need a little turn there is not another not too saturated.

I wish I knew, you were not present to your love. Inginku melepasamau with a hug.

Do not over, I do not want to end up. One hour, I want to dwell together in memory of ever.

Silahkan jalan-jalan diblog ini untuk mencari kata-kata galau baik Status galau bahasa inggri  atau kata-kata galu yang lain.

Hasil Penelusuran anda.

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